Modern slavery human trafficking statement

Bramhalls is a small, specialist employment law firm working mainly for employers in employment disputes. We aim to work with clients who hold the same values as ourselves in nurturing healthy employment relationships allowing the employer and the employee to grow and benefit mutually.

Our close-knit personnel work together in providing services of the highest standard and the services we offer come directly from work done within our office. The very limited work which we outsource is subject to the company Outsourcing Policy and the personnel we use for any work outsourced are analysed accordingly.

We aim to nurture and grow our client relationships over a period of time until their values become a part of our own. As our client partnerships grow, so too will our understanding of their commitment to the prevention of slavery and human trafficking. This allows us to ensure we are working with companies who share our morals and whose goals we understand fully.

All our personnel are committed, according to the ethos set out at Bramhalls, to provide quality service to all our clients. The Bramhalls Recruitment Policy ensures that the team retains its identity and our excellent service continues. At Bramhalls we have made a pledge to pay all employees the Living Wage according to the Living Wage Foundation to ensure the wellbeing of all members of staff. As part of our recruitment process we aim to provide any new recruits with the relevant training regarding working conditions and modern slavery and to make them aware of the challenges faced in the world of employment, an area in which we consider ourselves specialists.

With modern slavery and human trafficking in mind we aim to continually improve our outlook on how we tackle these important issues. As part of our statement we aim to monitor the updates regarding the new legislation and pledge to update our personnel training wherever necessary so we can combat modern slavery and human trafficking.

As specialist employment lawyers, we are all aware of our legal and moral obligations regarding modern slavery and human trafficking. This awareness will be renewed and all employees are urged to be vigilant regarding the risks, in our dealings with clients, as well as contractors.